Los Angeles West Loop Wedding Venues

Los Angeles West Loop Wedding Venues

What’s the first thing that rushes to your mind when you think about Los Angeles? For many, it is the city’s glamor and glitz, while for others, it is the city’s famous movies and television companies. But Los Angeles also has more to offer. So, it’s no surprise that couples worldwide flock to this beautiful city yearly to say “I do.” Luckily, there are countless wedding venues throughout the city’s neighborhood. The West Loop is one of the most stunning and unique neighborhoods to take your vows. This neighborhood has some of the most attractive and unique large and small wedding venues Los Angeles. From modern and classic to industrial spaces, and luxurious ballrooms, the West Loop offers something for every couple’s style and taste.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through some of the best West Loop wedding venues and share helpful and practical tips on how to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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✨The Carondelet House

The first West Loop wedding venue on our list today is the Carondelet House. Located in downtown Los Angeles, the Carondelet House is among LA’s most beautiful and romantic wedding venues. It boasts lovely hand-painted walls, vintage chandeliers, and an outdoor patio perfect for cocktail hour. This venue accommodates up to 150 guests, making it the ideal space for smaller, more intimate weddings. 

Moreover, couples can personalize the space to their liking. The venue also offers various seating options, including chairs and vintage couches. Additionally, the Carondelet House provides basic chairs, tables, microphones, and a sound system. You will also be free to bring your vendors, including caterers, DJs, florists, and more.

✨The London West Hollywood

Another top-rated West Loop wedding venue is the London West Hollywood. The venue is on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, just a short drive from the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills. Due to its convenient location, London West Hollywood provides easy access to top attractions, including restaurants, shopping centers, and museums. One significant highlight of this venue is that it offers different event spaces to accommodate weddings of all sizes. For instance, you can opt for the Kensington Ballroom if you’re planning a large wedding venue. 

This space can accommodate up to 250 guests. For intimate weddings, choose one of the smaller event spaces in the venue. Another highlight of this venue is its wide range of amenities to make your big day special. You will find a rooftop pool, bar, state-of-the-art fitness center, and spa.

✨The Fig House

This iconic and stunning wedding venue is in the heart of Highland Park, just a few minutes from downtown Los Angeles. For starters, the Fig House is in a vibrant and bustling neighborhood that provides easy access to some of Los Angeles’ best restaurants, shops, and attractions. The Fig House can accommodate weddings of up to 200 guests, making it the perfect event space for intimate or medium-sized weddings. This venue also offers indoor and outdoor event spaces like a covered patio and lush garden. In terms of amenities, the Fig House features bold colors, stunning décor, and whimsical patterns. Also, this venue provides basic tables, chairs, and a sound system. You can also bring your vendors.


SmogShoppe is another top-rated West Loop wedding venue you should consider. The venue is in Culver City, a few miles south of downtown LA. Culver City is an artistic and trendy neighborhood in LA and provides easy access to some of the city’s best shops, attractions, and restaurants. SmogShoppe can handle weddings of up to 200 guests, making it an ideal space for medium-sized or intimate weddings. In addition, the venue also has indoor and outdoor event spaces, such as a living wall and courtyard. One feature that sets SmogShoppe apart from other wedding venues in West Loop is its sustainability. SmogShoppe is considered one of the best eco-friendly event spaces in the country. Additionally, the venue provides a sound system and basic tables and chairs.

✨Houdini Estate

Houdini Estate is located on five acres, providing picturesque views of the city and surrounding mountains. Houdini Estate accommodates up to 500 guests, making it an ideal destination for large weddings. Moreover, Houdini Estate provides outdoor and indoor event spaces, including a terrace, a sprawling lawn, and a swimming pool. The venue is also known for its historic and unique event spaces that feature stunning sculptures, fountains, and gardens. Houdini Estate also provides basic chairs, tables, and a reliable sound system.

✨The Oviatt Penthouse

If you want a classic and sophisticated venue, you may want to check out the Oviatt Penthouse. This venue is located in the historic Oviatt Building in Downtown LA. It sits on the building’s top floor, providing picture-perfect views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

The Oviatt Penthouse can handle up to 250 guests, making it the perfect choice for intimate and medium-sized weddings. Moreover, Oviatt Penthouse provides indoor and outdoor event spaces, including a rooftop terrace. When it comes to amenities, this venue is known for its luxurious event spaces and Art Deco architecture. The Oviatt Penthouse also provides basic tables, chairs, and a sound system.

✨Madera Kitchen

Another popular wedding venue in the West Loop is Madera Kitchen. Madera Kitchen is in the heart of Hollywood, a few miles north of downtown LA. This unique venue sits in a converted warehouse transformed into a chic event space and accommodates weddings of up to 250 guests. Another unique feature of Madera Kitchen is its indoor and outdoor event spaces, such as a stunning rooftop terrace and a spacious courtyard.

In terms of amenities, Madera Kitchen is known for its eclectic and modern event spaces that feature a seamless blend of industrial and rustic design elements. This venue also provides a sound system and basic tables and chairs. Another highlight of this event space is its flexibility. Couples can customize the event spaces to suit their preferences. Moreover, the courtyard and rooftop terrace provides a beautiful and romantic backdrop for wedding photos. Another highlight of this space is its gourmet catering. Madera Kitchen offers various menu options customized to your taste and budget.

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✨Cafe Solar

Cafe Solar is located in the historic Miracle Mile district of LA. It sits on a restored 1920s building with a unique blend of Art Deco and  Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture. This venue accommodates around 200 guests, making it a popular choice for intimate and medium-sized weddings. The venue also has indoor and outdoor event spaces, including a rooftop terrace and a private courtyard. When it comes to amenities, Cafe Solar stands out due to its elegant and romantic spaces that feature a blend of vintage and modern design elements.

Additionally, Cafe Solar provides basic amenities such as chairs, tables, and a sound system. The good thing with Cafe Solar is that you can tailor it to your preferences, taste, and vision. Above all, Cafe Solar provides gourmet catering to cater to your unique tastes, budget, and preferences.

How to Choose the Perfect West Loop Wedding Venue

With so many wedding venues available, it can be challenging to pick the perfect one. Luckily, our experienced wedding planners have shared some tips to help you narrow your options and choose the ideal West Loop wedding venue for your big day.

✅Determine Your Budget

Before you start exploring different West Loop wedding venues, take your time to determine your budget. The budget you will create will guide all of your decisions, including catering, entertainment, decorations, and the venue. Of course, you need to follow some steps to help you determine your wedding budget. First, focus on the big picture. This means coming up with an estimated figure for your total budget. 

From there, consider your priorities and allocate a significant portion of your budget to your top priorities. Then, find out about the average cost of weddings in the West Loop to have a realistic estimate for your budget. Next, keep track of every purchase and service to ensure you stay within your budget.

✅Your Guest List

Now that you have determined your budget, it’s time to focus on the guest list. When creating a guest list, take your time to ensure that it is both meaningful and manageable. To do that, it is best to start with a rough estimate. Then, work with your partner to create the guest list. If you are struggling to keep your guest list under control, prioritizing the people who matter most to both of you is crucial. Above all, be mindful of your budget and remember that not everyone you invite can attend.

✅Decide on Your Preferred Wedding Style

Each West Loop wedding venue has its vibe. So, thinking about your preferred wedding style before choosing a venue is essential.

✅Visit the Venue in Person

Once you find a venue that ticks all the boxes, take your time to visit it in person before making a final decision.


Los Angeles’ West Loop offers some of the city’s most unique and stunning wedding venues. To find the perfect venue for your taste and budget, consider your budget, guest list, and preferred wedding style, and conduct an in-person visit.

Schedule a visit today to check out our top-rated West Loop wedding venues.